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Drgonball Z God Like Saiyans is a fan fiction and alternate universe version of the Original Dragonball series created by Akira Toryiama. It takes place in an alternate universe that differs greatly from the original Dragonball Universe and has cast aside all of the main cast from the Dragonball story line. Instead, this fan fiction has opted to create it's very own unique characters that will take the Z Fighters place and protect the earth from the antagonists.

Please do not mistake this series as an attempt to make another Dragonball Franchise. We are merely creating a wiki to store and house all of the information we have gathered on our characters.

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7vg6 Main Characters

  • Jaiken Aoki - The commanding and brave leader of the GLS clan and the main protagonist of the story. Jaiken is a pure blooded saiyan that created the GLS group to stop the discrimination against Saiyans in Mono City. Calm and collected, Jaiken never allows his emotions to overtake his senses and can be seen as the most effective, powerful, and reliable member of the group.
  • Keeae Tobuza - A young, naive, but determined half saiyan that is one of the main protagonists of the series. Despite his simplistic life style and innocent persona, his potential is undeniable and while he does start being one of the weaker members of the group, it's his rivalry with Jaiken that allows him to rapidly improve his skills.
  • Anase Kobayashi - The whimsical, lazy, but caring second in command of the GLS Clan. Years before the start of the series, Anase and Jaiken formed the GLS clan together while they were still attending high school and wanted to end the discrimination against saiyans once and for all. Even though Anase can come off as a very unmotivated character and has little reason to train and grow stronger, his development is unquestionable and his main strength relies in his intelligence in battle.
  • Katsumi Ando - The upbeat, spunky, and confident heroine of the story and one of the main protagonists of the story. While having most of her DNA composed of saiyan genes, Katsumi has proven that she not only has the skills and drive to keep up with the boys, she can even surpass them as well. Usually seen as the most sane person of the group, she can come across as borderline crazy when angered and holds the honor of being the first female super saiyan to appear.
  • Lance Slater - A wealthy, rich, and perverted young man who holds very little saiyan DNA in his body but is not someone to be underestimated. In most cases, Lance's apparent only source of pleasure and leisurely activity is skirt chasing and he would rather go on a date than save the world. Regardless, when things tend to get serious Lance can disown his goofy and perverted nature and turn into a very effective warrior.
  • Jack - Strong and prideful, Jack is a half saiyan that joined the GLS clan in belief of Jaiken's plans of stopping discrimination and upholding a good and friendly community with both races. Jack's rivalry with Keeae pushes him to his limits and he is able to grow much more powerful in a short amount of time.
  • Berry - With only having a small amount of Saiyan DNA within her, Berry comes off as a "supporting" character in the group and is easily outclassed by the other members of her team. Though, she excels in Ki control that surpasses the others and can generate force fields and use her powers to heal.

7vg6 Plot Summary

In this alternate DBZ universe, Saiyans go from planet to planet destroying all life on it for their own amusement, and they end up invading Earth and end up engaging in a 100 year war with the Human race that neither side is able to win. The Saiyans and Humans sign a peace treaty to end the war. As the Saiyans are preparing to leave, they discover that their home world (which we leave unnamed) was destroyed by an asteroid. They end up having to make a deal with the Humans to live on Earth. The Humans build a territory, which is the only place the Saiyans are allowed to live in. But they also build a city on the border called "Mono City" and it's the only place Humans and Saiyans can live together. This is where the series takes place. The protagonists are a group of Saiyans and Saiyan hybrids who are looking to end the Saiyan and hybrid discrimination in Mono City by doing good deeds and earning a good reputation. What starts out as a goal of making fame turns into an epic struggle between the GLS clan and the New Saiyan Republic, a group lead by Zenzalious, and they want to destroy all of humanity (as well as the hybrids) and claim Earth for the Saiyans.

7vg6 Production Team

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  • Raven Zecrow - (Former Leader/Administrator)
  • Dylan SkyRider - (Leader of Production)
  • Nicole Kist - (Artist/Sprite Editor)
  • Ruthless - (Sprite Editor/Animator)
  • Adam Leon - (Music Artist)

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